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Dear Russian Ladies:

Если Вы хотите встретить
достойного и успешного
мужчину в США
. Если
Вы хотите быть уверенной
в том
, что у Вас есть:
Консультационная и
Юридическая Поддержка
и Совет

Я приглашаю Вас участвовать
в моём новом проекте
RWC match--
индивидуальный поиск
партнера за рубежом

Ваши заявки присылайте
по адрессу

С уважением,

Elena Woodhouse.


Call for help with your Russian American marriage

Welcome to Russian Women Counselor

Professional telephone and e-mail marriage counseling for Russian-American couples--to help you create a happy family!

Who is Elena? Elena is both a professional family counselor and a Russian lady married to an American, so she understands the unique circumstances that can occur in Russian-American families. She offers confidential, bilingual marriage counseling over the telephone and by e-mail. Read more about Elena and her credentials on the About Elena page.

What services does she offer? Elena offers

  • New! Elena is currently living and working in St. Petersburg Russia, and she would be happy to do a personal search for your soul mate.

  • Telephone and e-mail family counseling for Russian-American families, before and after marriage.

  • Counseling for American men with their concerns about developing relationships with women from the former Soviet Republics.

  • As well as other services.

How can I learn more about Russian wives? Elena is writing a book about the challenges involved with creating a happy Russian-American family that is offered in the articles area of this website.

What do her clients think? You can read about how Elena has helped other people with their marriages by visiting the Testimonials page.

How can I contact Elena? Elena can be reached by telephone in St. Petersburg, 7-812-310-1395 Monday-Friday 9:00 A.M. until 9:00 P.M. central time +9 hours, or by e-mail at

Elena's business partner: Russian Brides Cyber Guide.

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Attention: Crisis intervention counseling for Russian women in difficult life situations is free of charge. You may ask your questions Monday-Friday, 10:00 A.M. -12:00 P.M. St. Petersburg time, which is Central Time +9 hours at 7-812-310-1395.

This service is provided over the phone and e-mail.

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