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Mystery of Russian Woman's Soul

As a result of being spread out over different religions and cultural backgrounds there has been established a unique phenomenon of the "Russian Soul". This phenomenon has been exhibited throughout different events in history. Why does the Russian Woman represent the personification of femininity? Why does she have the potential, and tendency to reach completeness with her soul?

To understand the answers to these questions lets remember the famous Russian doll "Matryoshka". The set of them could have three to thirty of the same style painted dolls. Each doll fits within another. The construction of "Matryoshka" intends to reveal a little doll. To find out the mystery that she is carrying, you need to open the whole set. When you open each doll you will find another and establish between them outside and inside similarities. All "Matryoshka" sit inside of one another, when you look at them together you will see the only largest one. This large one symbolizes the wholeness of unity bonds with family, culture, religion, and folk traditions.

When you open all "Matryoshka", and finally, arrive at the last one, you can establish only an outside similarity. This little doll represents a multi sided link with the Mother, Family tree, as well as to culture and religion. This is the symbol of the Russian Woman's soul. "Matryoshka" represents to us the unending process of discovery of the beauty of Russian woman. The dynamics of a Russians Woman's beauty lies in her wisdom. This is shown by her ability to learn and to cherish every moment of her life experience "to have gone through the trials of life". It can readily be seen in her ability to constrain her pride, being natural and down to earth. Her creative attitudes is going towards her life and towards Man. She wants to approach a man's world that she will love and be devoted to. That is not only the ability to be able to speak with him in his language. It is also to see his picture about the world and his system of values, and her ability to be sensitive, to feel what he feels to share his emotions and experiences. She instinctively knows how important for a man to sense femininity around him. The genuine truth consists in the way she creates a "soft light" of femininity. It inspires him to feel the "voice of life" and realize his inner-power.

What is the driving force for a man who has chosen his own way to find a soul mate? Maybe this way allows him to break away from the "shroud of fog" such as an unconscious identity of views and stereotypes of the masses. This could not be a need. Everyone has a need and survives by taking conventions. This cannot be a moral choice because are used to choosing conventions as well. What is it that could have been when you force yourself to be on your own way of discovery?

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