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Here are a few letters from some of my happy clients.

Shaun R. Jackson wrote this letter:

I have used Elena Woodhouse for close to 2 years as an interpreter and psychologist for building a relationship with my Veronica. Elena can interpret very quickly while at the same time analyze situations of personal strengths and weaknesses. She teaches the tremendous differences between American/Russian couples. Any couple who have not learned the difference in mentalities will certainly be jumping into a bath of hot oil. Although there are probably hundreds of matchmaking agencies out there, I believe Elena to be one of the only pioneers to deeply research the area of Russian/American relationships. She unlocks the secret doors where only a psychologist can go. I will testify to that and I would like to share my experiences with you. If you have started a relationship with a Russian women, You may call me at my factory or at home. Please, contact Elena Woodhouse for my phone numbers.

It may sound odd to you, but I believe Russian mother-in-laws to be the of the best friends a man can have as well as the greatest baby-sitters. Do you see what I mean?"

Shaun R. Jackson

TJP from Minnesota wrote,

Elena Woodhouse has a powerful gift to share. When I found that special woman from Russia I began facing new and unexpected issues. Everything involved in our life happened very fast and with unexplained tense emotions. This was overwhelming even with the best of intentions from both of us. I am a patient person with good interpersonal skills, but this hopeful relationship was headed for complete disaster.

I discovered Elena Woodhouse and began utilizing Elena's services. She quickly realized and focused on our unique problems and provided us the perspectives to create productive communication and understanding between us. She is intuitive, insightful, and keen about every issue I put forth. Her brilliance extends in offering unique perspectives that allow growth in understanding between partners.

We have Elena to thank for saving our life together. We have a bright and very happy future with just a few months of counseling. Elena is a comforting friend and easy to talk to. I know we will continue to use her services to insure continued harmony in our new life together.

I cannot express how important Elena can be with improving a cross-cultural relationship, or any relationship, to reach and maintain its full potential.

TJP, Minnesota


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